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Come and join group Pole Training, surfing lessons, Beachpole photoshoot and a lot more in Agadir, Morocco.

Pole teacher for this camp is from Italy and she's a really good teacher and a great person, loved working with her last year´s!

She's very dedicated and sweet and owns her studio called Pole Art Dimension in Rimini. 

Her Instagram is samanta_pole_art_dimension or Samantazoffoli on FB. 

This camp will be an adventure, because pole is not well seen in Morocco and it's new for them. I will use my local knowledge of years working there at the beach to create a great experience for you all. Usually we have few groups, divided per level, maximum four people per lesson with two X Pole stages. There can be one pole and one surf lesson per day and we try to have one day off.

Pack includes:

7 nights in a shared twin room with bathroom at a surf camp in Thagazout, close to Agadir; 

6 Breakfasts

Airport transfers included;

5 pole lessons of 1h15min with Samantha Zoffoli,

3 surf lessons with our local surf camp and school, 2h each with material;

1 sandboarding trip to a huge dune close by;

1 visit to the souk in Agadir where you can go shopping and try the best Moroccan crepes with mint tea;

1 Beachpole photoshoot at a spot that we will choose and we will also decide the time of the day together. For this photoshoot we will make a henna tattoo at a place of your choice (if you want off course)

Send us an email for more info!


30th - 6th January 2025 with Samanta Zoffoli NY, Adventure Camp in Morocco!


Professional Photoshoot

Beachpole photoshoot

Carla was a professional Surf photographer and poles for 10y.


Our camps will have one beachpole photoshoot included.

During the first few pole lessons at the camp the teacher will prepare you guys for the shoot, meaning you will need or should have 10 figures/tricks and please write them down, because you will forget and so we don´t waste time at the shoot. You will get at least 12 photos, but we always try to give you all the best ones, please note that quantity is not quality. 

Bring at least two outfits to change to and no blue please, photos will look much better with some contrast since the ocean and the sky are already blue, most times. The beachpole session will be organized by the photographer and teacher, but we always ask if you prefer during the day or sunset time. The photoshoot takes around 2h and polers take turns so nobody cools off waiting.

It´s a great experience and a forever souvenir.

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