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Come and join Group Pole Training, surfing lessons and a Beachpole photoshoot.

If you are a group of girls friends that wanna have Pole lessons and Surf Lessons, we can hire a pole teacher to give you lessons everyday of the week and surf lessons too if you wish. Talk to us for a group deal.


If you are a Pole teacher and would like to organize a Pole Camp, please contact us for all details, teachers will have special conditions.


We have already some Beachpole Camps aligned for 2023 in V.N. Milfontes;

2nd - 9tth April with Tanja Tajnik 

15th - 22nd July with Samanta Zoffoli, one spot left

27th Aug - 3rd Sept with Jay Cox, booked out

30th Sept - 7th October with Jeilan, early bird discount till end June

28th - 4fh January 2024 with Samanta Zoffoli New, Adventure Camp in Morocco!

Early bird discount till the end of September

Send us an email for more info!

Professional Photoshoot

Get professional photos of Beachpoling

Carla is a professional Surf Photographer and a Poler.


Book your professional Beachpoling photo shoot; so you can take with you beautiful photos to remember the good times spent in Portugal and Poling outdoors.

Pole and Surf House

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