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Come and join Group Pole Training, surfing lessons and a Beachpole photoshoot.

If you are a group of girls friends that wanna have Pole lessons and Surf Lessons, we can hire a pole teacher to give you lessons everyday of the week and surf lessons too if you wish. Talk to us for a group deal.


If you are a Pole teacher and would like to organize a Pole Camp, please contact us for all details, teachers will have special conditions.


We have already some Beachpole Camps aligned for 2023 in V.N. Milfontes;

2nd - 9tth April with Tanja Tajnik 

15th - 22nd July with Samanta Zoffoli

27th Aug - 3rd Sept with Jay Cox

30th Sept - 7th October with Jeilan

28th - 4fh January 2024 with Samanta Zoffoli New, Adventure Camp in Morocco!

Send us an email for more info!

Professional Photoshoot

Get professional photos of Beachpoling

Carla is a professional Surf Photographer and a Poler.


Book your professional Beachpoling photo shoot; so you can take with you beautiful photos to remember the good times spent in Portugal and Poling outdoors.

Pole and Surf House

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