Frequently asked questions

I would be interested in knowing a price for the surf n pole camp for about a week? Im a beginner/intermidiate!

Pole Lessons beginner to intermidiate level are 17eur each, 2 poles, max 4 people lesson, 1h30min. Advanced polers can train on their own and use our poles for free. Advanced polers have to check for beachpole camps for their level and price depends on the teacher.

Poles are free?

In our surf house we have two Xpole free for you to use spinning or static, 40 and 45mm. Our Xstage is only for Beachpole and its 50eur per session. Photo shoots can be included for an extra 100eur. Polers not staying in our houses can come and use or poles and space at an arranged time and its 7eur for 1 hour. If there's already a photo shoot and you just want to drop in it's 50eur.

Surf Lessons?

Surfing is an everyday thing here and we book the lesson week by week lessons are 45eur per 2h with wetsuit and board. Groups are a max of 7 people but we try to make them smaller. You can start the course any day of the week!

Beachpole Camp!?

Lodging? You will be lodged in the surf house for 2020 is Surfmoments Lisbon, 5rooms available all twin shared rooms and one suite that maybe will be a room for 4 people depending on camp occupancy. For the camp usually the price is the same for everyone, 1st come 1st served, but private rooms can be booked too. Is food also included? No! But you have a full kitchen ready for you to use. Some camps will have continental breakfast included. And will participants devided into groups of different skill level? Yes off course. Groups are 4 people maximum, we only have 2 poles in the house, we don't want to be big and it's not a studio. Teachers? Our teacher's aren't usually champions but they are very good and will give you the attention you don't get in group lessons usually. They will help you to learn different tricks and will work on your flaws. More activities? Yes, like surfing, Stand Up Paddle, Stretching, sightseeing in Lisbon, biking, sunset parties, etc...

I'm a pole dance studio owner and i would like to come with some students to have Surf and Pole holidays! What are the conditions?

We have space for a maximum of 12 people, maybe more next year! Conditions: we have stages in the living room and for Beachpole photo shoot or sessions, but those are paid. When we have groups we can offer the Beachpole photo shoot, because it's the best souvenir ever and advertising too. To use the Xstage we charge usually 50eur per session. Pole months are from May to October inclusive.

Im a exotic pole dance teacher! Can i teach in your studio?

No! Sorry, we dont have a nice floor for you to use... Here we only can have pole sport/fit lessons! And we dont have a studio, its a surf house (surfers guest house) where we have 2 poles in the middle of the living room! Its a nice villa/house with polers for you to use while here on vacation.

Stand Up Paddle lessons?

We can offer stand up paddle lessons in flat water or waves! Our instructor is the SUPwaves national champion! These lessons need to be booked some time in advance and go from 45eur to 65eur depending on group size!

Food included?

No! But you have a full kitchen available for you to use. Dishwasher and the supermarket is at a 3min walk from the house.

Are the dates flexible? What's the pricing?

You can drop in our surf house anytime for pole and surf late 2020! Please ask us if our new surf house in Alentejo is ready! Beachpole season its from April to October included but need the weather to cooperate for the shoots since they are at the beach, down in Alentejo won't be a problem. No pole lessons in 2020, teacher available only for pole camps. Beginner and intermidiate pole lessons are available anytime but need to be booked in advance so the teacher is available. Lessons are 20eur each, 4 people max. We aren't famous but we can teach and give more attention to your flaws! We are a small and prefer it this way!

Pole lessons, how much, how many people per lesson?

In 2019 there aren't pole lessons available beside of pole camps. Beginner and intermidiate pole lessons are available anytime but need to be booked in advance so the teacher is available. Lessons are 20eur each, 4 people max; we make pack's. We arent famous but we can teach and give more attention to your flaws! We are a small and prefer it this way!

2020 Beachpole Camp dates?

This year we have following camps scheduled: 5th - 12th April 4rd - 11th July 25th July - 1st August 3rd - 10th October Ask us for more info on your prefered dates!

We wanted to know if it'would be possible to rent the whole house, what would be the price and the availability for July, August or even early September.

Yes, you can rent the pole house (surfmoments house)! Prices depend on the season! Please ask us for prices and dates available! Please note that for July/August the dates get booked with 4 months in advance usually, its high season and prices are higher also! Full house rentals have a 200eur damage deposit, no cleaning during your stay.

Which airport I would have to go to ? Is accomodation included or would I need to book myself?

Nearest airport is in Lisbon! 15min by car if not rush hour! There's all transit available to get to Costa da Caparica, ask us for more info. For Beachpole camps we will also try to offer airport transfers for 20eur each way.

My boyfriend and I would like to spend an extended weekend (Thursday to Sunday) for pole dance and surfing!?

Nice! We have double rooms in the main surf house available and if you already pole you can use the houses poles for free and dont loose strenght or flexibility during your surfing vacation! Pole and Surf or Stand Up Paddle is our nich, and you will have a great time. More about surfing spots upon arrival and also where and when. We are moving to Alentejo and to a more secluded location, no crowds...

How much the pole photo shoot cost?

It's 150eur! We choose the location because it depends on weather conditions! We usually advise to come and stay with us at the pole/surf house for 3 days at least and the shoot will be on call! Not easy to predict the weather!


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