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About Beachpole

We combine

Pole Fitness 

with beautiful Beach Location

and a great Surf  Experience!


We love the Beach, Pole Dance and Surfing

Come surf with us and practice your pole skills

at the Pole Lisbon house in Portugal!

Pole and Surf - work on your body and be in the now while surfing, you will feel great and take beautiful memories with you and friends too!


We invite all Polers to spend their vacation at the beach and

train with us Pole Dance whenever you feel like it. 

Pole jams and fun are our main goals.

I'm Carla Tome, passionate Surfer, Poler and Surf Photographer.

I pole for 10 years and I love it, that is why I want to share it with others and improve in this sport together.

If you come alone I can train with you, we can spot and learn with each other.

To combine POLE&SURF for me is the best of two world's.

You can go for a surf and also pole dance at home in Lisbon coastal line, or book a beachpole photoshoot with an amazing ocean view and sunsets. 

At the beach it is all about doing pole sport, there won't be any lessons given at the beach, but it can happen if we don't have the pole house Lisbon available for the dates you want and we have a teacher visiting. Just ask us, maybe we can make a special package just for you!  Pole lessons in Lisbon are usually given in the pole and surf house at Costa da Caparica when we have pole camps.

You are a group of Polers? Or you are a pole dance teacher and want to do a workshop or organize a POLECAMP , email us.

You can book our pole Lisbon house and we make a pole and surf package just for you.

Beach pole photo shoots in Lisbon area are also available for everyone that wants to book us!

Polers contact us to book a photo session the beach, or anywhere where we can put the stage and make your dream photos! If you need us in another area, just ask us!


The location:


We have a surf house called Surfmoments Lisbon located at Costa Caparica.

In the Pole Lisbon house we can have up to two stages for you to use daily for training, for free, indoors or outdoors. We are at a one minute walk from the sand and all amenities.


Costa da Caparica is a great place for you to spend your beach vacation time.

This surfing village has a great vibe, very close to Lisbon, surfing is easy and seafood is as fresh as it can be. You can enjoy our sandy beaches with amazing sunsets, that are perfect for Beachpole photoshoots. Closer to the center, Caparica is more like a surf town and the further away you walk or drive, the wild nature will reveal itself. There are a lot of hidden gems in this area.

Trafaria and Fonte da Telha are also beaches you should visit.

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